Employee Captures One of the most Beautiful Sunsets Ever Seen

Individuals who have an image of Arizona in their heads often think of the beautiful sunsets that the state has. A sunset as such that reflects off the red rock state is a quality feature that Arizona is known for and one of the beautiful options you can view in the Grand Canyon State. An employee from Ditus prime, a local Phoenix SEO company,captured a picture of a beautifully stunning Arizona sunset that may be one of the best I’ve ever seen. He posted it to the companies facebook page — I think he used the company’s Scottsdale SEO division. The image promotes a visualization of a beautiful multi-layered colorful sunset — a visual bonanza — and showcases everything that Arizona has to offer. The captured image is most likely something that residents will be posting as screensavers for their favorite devices.

Nothing says Arizona like the sun setting in the West half of the hemisphere with a beautiful desert in the background. Here’s what someone had to say about the photo:

“If there has ever been anything that has caught my eye, it has been this photo. It is one of the most captivating and unique images that has grazed my path. It is this type of quality and imagery that should be used when people are looking for a something that best represents the state.  It is one of those things you may never forget about. Be sure to keep it what it represents close to your heart. It is my shining “light.”

I found the quote to be a little dramatic and poetic myself, however, that’s the beautiful think about living here, our freedom of speech. With that said, we must give credit where credit is do. Thank you to Kevin Jarker from a local Mesa SEO company in the outskirts of metropolitan Phoenix. I’ll say this, it is simply a one of a kind capture of a sunset that will meet the test of time.

AZ sunset

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Powerful Storms Destroy Roofs and Captivate Society

powerful storm destroys roof

Winter is here with us again and it is not uncommon to experience crazy hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, hailstorms and general windiness that cause havoc every time it blows and destroys the home roofing system. For some of you, these extreme weather conditions might be a big disappointment because it is going to cause a bit of discomfort or probably ruin the roofs of a few homes, and make you want to find a roofing contractor Chicago IL or whatever city you live in. But for most of us it is something that we relish in.

Storms are just one of the most beautiful natural phenomena that I fall in love with each time I hold the camera to capture the awesomeness that comes with the various kinds of storms. It is amazing to discover that as much as Mother Nature unleashes fury on us, we can still find some beauty in the destructive nature of the storms. Sometimes loud and other times quiet, the appeal and captivating essence of a storm is something we should all soak up. But storms are different and vary in intensity depending on where you live. A storm in Denver could result in an apocalypse of snow that downpours on the entire city. It’s not uncommon for such a storm to cause ruin to the city and it’s buildings, caving in roofs and breaking windows. I remember when this happened to me and I had to search for a company who specialized in roofing Denver CO and the greater area.

But back to the point, a storm, no matter when or how it appears, is something that should be marveled at and appreciated. Although it can have a significant impact on our society, the beauty of its essence will always ring in our hearts.

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My Thrill of the ‘Capture’

the perfect scene

I always believe photography is a way of life as it actually allows me to express myself just the same way a singer, model or actor could have done it on another platform. It just makes me creative in a unique way and I don’t think whether I am going to stop, any sooner taking perfect shots on the beauty of what Mother Nature brings forth.

Taking incredible nature shots is all about perfect timing. I usually make sure I almost capture every bit of the storm as it rolls so that I get to identify the most amazing part of storm which is indeed great. Extreme weather photography is an addictive hobby of mine. I remember back to when I had to stare at the thunderstorms as they were striking down-that was a bit scary- but I had to remain focused to ensure that I was capturing terrific shots of the quickly flashing, yet amazing thunderstorms. Extreme weather photography is all about being creative and loving what you. Photography has been my perfect hobby ever since I was a child and no one has ever forced me into it. I just find it amazing standing outside watch as the skies roll, the storms as they sweep through the earth and even sometimes beholding the beauty of the cool mountains and creatures as I take shots that really make me at peace.


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